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Strategic Security Assessment of People, Processes and Technology

Measure and improve the overall company defence capabilities through the execution of strategic red team operations by simulating real-life attacks exactly as an attacker would do to gain access to critical company assets: people, confidential data, and technology.

Overview of the Red Teaming Operations

The Red Team will test the effectiveness of the security program by emulating the behaviour and techniques used by a real attacker. The Red Team assessment is similar to a penetration test but extended to all existing layers of an organization, trying to get access to sensitive information with any means and compromising any type of environment based on the acquired information.

Key Benefits:

  Identify physical, hardware, software and human vulnerabilities
  Validate defence systems response capabilities to a cyber-attack
  Covers all areas through multi-blended attack methods
  Enables smart and focused cyber security investments

What you get:

  End-to-end security assessment
  A comprehensive report with industry best-practice recommendations
  Technical details of the vulnerabilities and recommended solutions
  Long-term recommendations for efficient cyber defence investments

Ethical Hacking To Prevent Potential Intrusions

Our Red Team uses a systematic, repeatable and reproducible testing methodology to fully assess the ability of any type of organization’s cyber defence capabilities through a simulated cyber-attack.

Pre-Engagement Interactions
Define the Scope and Rules of Engagement
Establish Lines of Communication
Intelligence Gathering
Target Selection
Attack delivery
Deliver Payloads
Compromise tTargeted Assets
Obtain Foothold
Command and Control
Escalate Privileges
Lateral Movement
Data Extraction
Analysis, Reporting and Support
Generate Report
Offer Support


At the end of the Red Team Operations process we provide our customers with an extensive report and recommendations to effectively eliminate the detected threats:

  A report presenting results & conclusions of the exercise, with a series of industry best-practice recommendations
  Review workshop of results to build awareness and alignment among stakeholders
  Long-term strategic initiatives that will help in avoiding repetition of vulnerabilities
  Actionable recommendations to eliminate the revealed security issues

Reasons to choose us

  More than 15 years’ experience in the filed
  Committed to deliver quality
  Flexible pricing policy around our clients’ needs
  Custom reports to plan your security strategy further

Our team of ethical hacking experts possess the skills and experience to identify threats. These set of skills are proven by the top cyber security certifiers

PenTest-Hub CEH
PenTest-Hub OSCP
PenTest-Hub GPEN

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