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Comprehensively test your cyber security defence controls to ensure resilience against threats

We offer complete penetration testing services designed to identify vulnerabilities, potentially dangerous non-compliance with security best practices and policies, validate existing security controls and provide a detailed remediation plan by working together with your team.

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Penetration Testing Benefits

With the ever-growing frequency and complexity of cyber-attacks cybersecurity has become one of the hottest topics and risks faced by companies, government agencies, and even individuals. Through penetration tests, organizations can measure the risk of exposure and apply the correct measures to protect sensitive data, the company’s reputation and avoid financial disaster and negative publicity. See below the key benefits of a penetration test:

  Protects the reputation of the organization and against financial loss
  Helps meeting compliance with regulatory standards
  Provides independent assurance of security resilience
  It is a critical component to a data breach prevention and risk-management program
  Tests the cyber-defence capability and assures that controls have been implemented and are effective

Types of Penetration Test

We offer a wide range of penetration testing services specialized to meet any of our clients’ needs:

Insecure web applications can lead to loss of confidential data, damage functionality or even go totally out of business. The objective of the web application penetration test is to identify exploitable vulnerabilities in applications before hackers are able to discover and exploit them.
Mobile applications are becoming more and more dominant and this quick evolution created a full range of new attacks. These vulnerabilities are caused by the wide range of devices, different operating systems, communication channels, and business demands, this means that the threat landscape is incredibly broad this impose the importance of penetration testing mobile apps.
The Internet of Things (IoT) revolution is gaining mass connecting more and more surrounding components making them “smart”. All these benefits come with risk in an increasing way in which an attacker can compromise your network having more entry points to attack. Therefore, is very important to secure each element of the entire network of “smart devices”.
Network penetration testing refers to actions which mimic the behavior of an actual attacker exploiting weaknesses in the external network. It is important to pen test also the internal network of the organization from the perspective of an inside user in case an attacker bypass the external network to limit damages that can appear in that situation. Assess the organisations capabilities of detecting and preventing network attacks.
An organization can be attacked by using information leaked after employees were tricked to respond at a trivial question at which they can leak sensitive information. It is crucial to make employees aware of the importance of following organization policies and train them to prevent possible breaches, therefore, social engineer penetration testing overcomes this need.

Ethical Hacking To Prevent Potential Intrusions

Penetration testing, also known as pen testing, is the most effective way of identifying and demonstrating the weaknesses of any given organization by simulating the behavior of a real cybercriminal. It is a part, and plays a crucial role in the organizational risk management process, through systematically identifying and mitigating the risk.


At the end of the penetration testing process, we provide our customers with an extensive report and recommendations to effectively eliminate the detected threats:

  Executive summary with a brief description of the results and findings
  List of vulnerabilities with technical details, their classification and mitigation points
  Actionable recommendations to eliminate the revealed security issues
Pre-Engagement Interactions
Define the Scope and Rules of Engagement
Establish Lines of Communication
Intelligence Gathering
Target Selection
Threat Modeling
Asset and Process Analysis
Threat Capability Analysis
Vulnerability Analysis
Vulnerabilities scanning and detection
Elimination of false positives
Exploitation and Post exploitation
Vulnerabilities exploit
Gaining unauthorized access
Lateral Movement
Analysis, Reporting and Support
Generate Report
Offer support
Penetration Testing Services Brief

Penetration Testing Services Brief and Report Example

Our Penetration Testing team delivers application, infrastructure, wireless, IoT, social engineering services to validate the security level of your organization’s key assets.