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Free off charge penetration testing services

Online services are in a continuous evolution process, so are the security threats! We strongly believe that a secure environment is a must for every company and for that reason, we are putting all our resources and knowledge at work to help certain entities to find and implement the required security controls. We offer this service for FREE, scroll down to find out more and see if you are eligible to apply.

* This free-of-charge service offer applies only to certain entities. Check below sections to see if your organization is eligible, understand how the program works and what is required to benefit from this offer.


Startup? Free of charge services for fresh ideas and bold projects

Nonprofit organizations

We support NPO’s and their mission by offering our services for free


Helping early stage companies to speed up the growth and success

Join Our Cause

We are looking for other companies to join our cause! If you have product or a service and would like to give it for free or with a substantial discount to any startup, nonprofit organization or incubator that can prove it’s need we’d love to hear more from you.

How it works

Given our high workload, the programme is subject to selection. The best way to get ahead is to make sure that upon project submission process you send through all the required information in a structured manner.

If your organization is selected we will be contacting you to start the formal process of the programme. Our consultants will work with you to understand your requirements, plan and run the security assessment and as a final step, we will go through the findings together with your team to help in achieving implementation of the security requirements. The following will be taken into consideration when a project is selected:

  how the project is presented in the pitch
  the potential impact of the project over its cause
  structure of the submitted information
Check eligibility and Apply
Eligible to enter the program are startups, nonprofit organizations and incubators.
Selection Process
A short description of your project and a pitch are required to enter this program. Furthermore, structure of the submitted information will be taken into consideration.
Contract and NDA Signing
A contract and an NDA will be signed to highlight project requirements and to protect your intellectual property.
Project Delivery
As per agreed timelines, our consultants will deliver the assessment.
Project Support
Our consultants will offer the required support to help you achieve best result.